How to Use Gameplay to Enhance Classroom Learning

Gameplay to Enhance Classroom Learning

Studies indicate that incorporating games into the classroom can boost engagement, encourage risk-taking, and promote social and emotional learning. What transpires in an Australian rain forest when a gorilla and a brown hyena engage in combat? As they participate in March Mammal Madness (MMM), a virtual tournament fashioned after the annual NCAA basketball championship with … Read more

Gaming as a teaching tool

Gaming as a teaching tool

Students from a variety of backgrounds discover the educational benefits of both creating and playing games through a course offered by the Graduate School of Education. Even though gaming is a $120 billion industry that is centered around entertainment, in recent years its application has blazed new and interesting trails. They are employed as teaching … Read more

5 Reasons Video Games Should Be More Widely Used In School

Video Games Should Be More Widely Used In School

According to a researcher and video game creator at Texas A&M, kids should play more video games throughout the school day. Students can learn content while playing entertaining video games. China has prohibited kids from playing video games during the school week and limited them to an hour a day on Fridays, weekends, and public … Read more

Township Cheats: Top tips and tricks and hints

Township Cheats

Township is a mobile game that may be played on Windows as well as platforms for Android, iOS, Mac OS X, and Adobe Flash. You must own your city in the city-building game to grow it and add features like trains, ports, and zoos. The Playrix-owned game starts you off with a startup town, which … Read more

Tips and tricks- god of war

Tips and tricks- god of war

I assume we’re all participating? the infamous PC game god of War. It’s always helpful to have a few pointers so that you can properly play like the god of war, regardless of whether you’ve already played it on the PlayStation 4 and dealt with the struggle of using the controller to aim the Leviathan … Read more

The Best Zynga Games to have a great time

Best Zynga Games

Interactive and cost-free games are available on Zynga. On app stores, you may find Zynga game apps that you can download for free to your Android or iPhone smartphone. Zynga has a wide variety of well-known game franchises in its library. Here are some of the top Zygna games. Zynga poker texas holdem One of … Read more

The Best Virtual Card Games Ranked

Best Virtual Card Games Ranked

Since Magic: The Gathering’s alpha set to debut in 1993, there have been competitive trading card games. Since then, countless properties have created their card games based on both old and fresh concepts. Many businesses today have opted to virtualize their card games. Virtual card games are something that any ardent player should try at … Read more

The Best Strategy Games You Can Play Right Now

Best Strategy Games

The best strategy games now on the market provide a range of experiences. You’re likely to find something in our selection if you’re eager to explore the genre more, whether it be controlling armies, maintaining civilizations, or navigating vast campaigns that challenge your strategic acumen. You’ll also find yourself in a variety of diverse locales, … Read more

The Best Space Games on PC to Play

Best Space Games

Games with a space theme are nothing new. Galactic adventures have been produced by developers for many years. However, new PC gaming technology has made space games more detailed than ever before! Triple-A and independent companies are both building engrossing, lore-filled universes that can hold your attention for hours. There is a tonne of space … Read more

The Best Sega Genesis Ever for the Win

Best Sega Genesis

One of the most adored video game consoles ever is the Sega Genesis, also known as the Sega Mega Drive outside of the United States. It introduced the world to Streets of Rage, which recently experienced an incredible resurrection, Sonic the Hedgehog, who is now a beloved movie star, and Golden Axe, which, as far … Read more