Best Sony PS4 Games: The PlayStation Games You Need to Play

The PS4, the second-best-selling home system of all time, will soon be ten years old and has amassed an incredible library of games. We’ve put up this list to highlight the top PS4 games because it’s still a wonderful time to play on that system. This is because PS5 supply is still constrained by chip shortages, prices have increased outside of the US, and Sony is still releasing games for its last-gen console.
Death Stranding
Because Death Stranding is only a “walking simulator,” not many people will play it, or they will start playing it and probably stop after the first hour. You’re partially correct but also mistaken. Death Stranding leads us on a quest to mend America’s fractured social fabric so that we can unite in opposition to yet another potentially catastrophic catastrophe. It’s misleading because it makes you believe that you are simply moving from place to place, which you may be for a while, but there is a tonne of junk to deal with along the way to make the trip difficult.
Usually, and properly so, Dark Souls is the game of choice for incredibly difficult action, but we actually like Bloodborne, which is exclusive to the PS4 platform. Similar to that, it’s challenging and won’t hold your hand; in fact, it’ll bat your hand away and chastise you for even thinking you’d get help. You fight through gothic scenery to defeat enormous bosses and other ominous enemies in this gloomy and intensely atmospheric game. Given its tone, Bloodborne won’t appeal to everyone, but if you’re prepared to put in the effort, there’s genuine satisfaction to be had.
Horizon: Zero Dawn
Currently ranked among the top PlayStation exclusives of all time is Horizon: Zero Dawn. Aloy, the protagonist of Guerrilla’s new series, is a hunter in a period of robotic dinosaurs and other sharp threats, which you’ll defeat with accurate arrow shots or a little melee combat. The gorgeous setting and the genuinely compelling plot, though, are what give Horizon its biggest wow moments. It’s enormous, but it also has a significant impact, and the next sequel appears to be another magnificent epic.
Monster hunter world
The venerable Monster Hunter series achieved success with the release of the blockbuster Monster Hunter World in 2018. This game astonished us not only with its fun gameplay but also with how approachable it turned out to be. Monster Hunter Universe created a rich, wide world for a franchise that might be challenging to master. On our list of the top 10 cooperative video games was Monster Hunter World. Fans of the series may want to check out Wild Hearts, Koei Tecmo, and EA’s planned response to Capcom’s monster-hunting series.
Apex Legends
Even as a later entry into the battlefield and during the battle royale genre’s growth, Apex Legends manages to stand out. Apex has comparable gameplay features to Respawn’s Titanfall series games and is set in the same universe, giving it a distinct advantage over rival battle royale games. Along with its quicker speed, Apex uses particular “Legends” who each have unique capabilities and abilities, necessitating teamwork and character synergy between the various characters. The variety of characters on offer allows players to constantly switch up their playstyles to secure victory, just like Overwatch does. Apex Legends is a fast-paced game that makes you want to play “just one more round” all the time thanks to its regular upgrades and a rotating roster of new limited-time game types.
A bold experiment in game design that offers you countless ways to enjoy your time with it, Dreams is unlike anything else. It is an ambitious project that Media Molecule has expertly brought to life. Inside your PS4 is a fantastic creative package of tools that support and promote unrestricted expression. Dream Surfing offers such a wide variety of experiences that no two gaming sessions are ever the same, providing new opportunities for amusement each time you launch it and check out what community inventions have emerged while you were away. Dreams provide you with everything you could want, whether you just want to create, play, or engage in a little bit of everything.
These are the PlayStation 4 games that we believe are the best of all time. What’s on your list that wasn’t on ours? Let us know in the comments!