Best Tips and Tricks to Improve Your World of Warships Experiencing

It was only a matter of time until World of Warships Blitz made an appearance on our mobile devices, given the enormous popularity of World of Tanks Blitz and Wargaming’s other console properties. Although World of Warships Blitz has a lot of the interface and visuals with World of Tanks, it incorporates (obviously) naval action and progresses more slowly than Tanks frequently do because of this. Different sorts of strategies are required because movement and positioning take longer for everyone engaged. In addition, the ground environment on the map is limited to rocky cover, so you must focus on learning more about how ships travel in the water.

Players with prior experience in World of Warships or World of Tanks will probably pick this up quickly. But for those who are just starting, here are some tips and tricks:

Learn the controls

Wargaming has already created a fantastic diagram that illustrates this better than I ever could, but once you see it, I’ll add one last observation:

The only thing missing from this is a conversation box indicator on the left side of the screen. Early on, the short commands that let you say hello to other players, ask for assistance, or give directions will be the most helpful to you. Keep the teaching for later and concentrate on hearing what others have to say, but be aware that those methods are available if you need to communicate something urgently. Talk more; it will benefit you in the long term.

Keep moving, even if it’s slowly

The main distinction between World of Warships and World of Tanks is that everything moves constantly in the former. And you ought to. You become a sitting duck and an easy target for anyone who can get a bead on you if you ever halt your ship. Continue moving.

However, that doesn’t imply you should rush into the action. It is ideal for a new player to go slowly and remain near the back of the pack. While you’re still working out the strategies, it’s better to follow what everyone else is doing than to try to solve the problem on your own. Running off alone is a great way to get smashed early.

Be aware of which way you face

Being a rookie player, it’s simple to get caught up in constantly facing forward and pushing forward. That’s excellent for getting around, but whenever you come across foes and try to take them out, you’ll quickly run into difficulties. If you turn to face your opponent before firing, you’ll have a lot more firepower possibilities.

But take care! That implies that the enemy can see your complete side. Enemies can more easily set your ship on fire because they are simpler to hit from the side. Understanding your ship’s capabilities and limitations from various viewpoints is crucial to mastering World of Warships’ strategy because movement and posture are so crucial.

An eye on the horizon

Naturally, knowing where your foes are coming from is a crucial approach, so charging in at the beginning of a conflict isn’t the ideal option.

Instead, slow down to half speed and carefully crawl behind your friends, taking out any adversaries that stray too far from the group. You can eliminate adversaries and extend your survival by banding together and concentrating your fire.

Evasive maneuvers

The speed at which your ship may travel backward is not exactly brisk. Depending on where an attacker is firing from, moving forward may be the best course of action for avoidance. As we’ve discussed, shooting at a distance is challenging due to distance and bullet drop.

Try to avoid having enemies on either side of you at all times, and maneuver in the water so that you are constantly aware of their location. Of course, the map is also helpful in this.

Duck for cover

Make use of your surroundings. Islands and rock formations are best used in a pinch because they can offer effective cover from enemy fire.

When firing on enemies and dodging your fire, mount up close to a rock and emerge and retreat from it as needed. This will allow you to play the long game for as long as possible.

Use these World of Warships Blitz hints to rule the seas. Play this game now if you haven’t already. Cheers to gaming!