Fishdom Cheats: Tips and Strategy Guide

Fishdom: Deep Dive is a bit of an anomaly; it’s a Match 3 game from Playrix, but unlike most of its kind, which is available on both platforms, it’s now only available for iOS. Match 3 gameplay with fresh, original twists is encouraged in this game. It appears that one of the plot twists in this is that you may offer your fish a lovely, comfortable home by decorating their tanks. Additionally, you’ll be able to “watch them communicate with each other,” play with your fish and feed them. In conclusion, although this game is built on classic Match 3 techniques and has more than a hundred of these kinds of levels, several surprises set it apart from other Match 3 games.

Making matches is a challenge for you. Need help understanding the game’s non-Match 3 components? With the help of this list of Fishdom: Deep Dive tips & tricks, we hope to be able to address any of your inquiries.

Match 5 for a bomb!

Bombs perform the same function as firecrackers but have a far wider field of effect. You obtain them by assembling 5 identical pieces into a straight line, T, or L. These are a little more difficult to obtain, but the effort generally pays off in the end. They are quite useful for removing huge chunks because they will also damage golden tiles!

Keep in mind that you can manually detonate powerups!

You are not required to relocate the power-ups you have generated, just as bombs are firecrackers if you don’t want to. They will explode precisely where you double-tap them. This is helpful if you want something that will be out of your reach if the power is increased.

Have a game plan before solving puzzles

You could be tempted to go right into Fishdom: Deep Dive and work through those challenges only based on intuition. However, as there is no time constraint in this game, you are free to consult the board as much as you like and develop a more specific, time-bound strategy. The moves, on the other hand, are restricted, so you’ll want to use caution when using them.

Go for the firecracker

When an opportunity presents itself, make sure you’re attempting to match four or more pieces. It may seem unusual that the game allows you to change seashells or other objects into firecrackers, but it’s all a part of this game. Such matches would enable you to make a firecracker. If you want to complete a level as quickly as possible, using a firecracker will allow you to destroy anything next to wherever you play the firecracker.

Take advantage of the power-ups

There are additional power-ups than the bomb and the firecracker that you can test out for yourself. For instance, matching six pieces will give you dynamite, which will enable you to cover a far wider area than the bomb. We advise planning when it comes to these larger combos so you can be certain of having a higher possibility of firing power-ups correctly.

Jazz up your aquarium

Any ornaments or fish you purchase for your aquarium will earn you more beauty points. And as your aquarium levels up in terms of star points once you’ve accumulated enough of these points, you can obtain a sizable coin bonus. You should concentrate on spending as much money as you can on new fish or decorations. To avoid purchasing duplicate things, you’ll also want to make sure that you’ve checked everything at least twice.

Plan out your moves

It’s wise to think things out before making a move in any match-3 game. There is a motivation to use your moves strategically because there is a time constraint but there is also a move limit. Make your matches with the intention that the fragments will land in a position that will naturally create a long chain.

Feed your fish

The fish you purchase have hunger meters. Of course, they’ll grow hungry eventually! It’s your responsibility to return to the game and see to their welfare. They will periodically drop coins for you to gather if you feed them enough.

That concludes our Fishdom: Deep Dive advice for the time being. Please let us know of any further game-related tips you may have.