Halo Infinite Beginner Guide, Tips and Tricks

It’s time to resume playing as the Master Chief in Halo Infinite. The first open-world Halo game will have you investigating the enigmatic Zeta Halo this time. Although you’ll still be killing aliens and piloting Warthogs, you’ll have far more flexibility to roam and come across several Halo-styled open-world gaming cliches.

Whether you’re a returning veteran or a first-time player, we’ll give you our best advice in this Halo Infinite beginner’s guide along with some tips and tricks to get you started on Infinite’s campaign.

Use your Scanner often

Your controller’s D-pad activates your AI scanner when you press down on it. This draws attention to nearby objects like containers and guns (and even behind walls). Weapons are depicted in blue, whereas interface elements like control terminals, explosive coils, and Spartan Cores are yellow. Your HUD also draws attention to any active mission goals.

Make it a practice to use your AI scan as soon as possible.

Explore after missions

A lot is happening in and around Zeta Halo. Outposts, collectibles, Spartan Cores (which you need to upgrade your Grappleshot), multiplayer cosmetics, and brief combat encounters are a few of the other features.

The globe (ring) of Halo Infinite is filled with these varied side missions and diversions that are accessible in between campaign missions, giving you more to do and see than simply the main plot. They also thank you for your work, which is more significant.

Keep an eye out for weapon racks

Typically, you’ll begin a match with the MA40 AR and the Sidekick pistol, but as soon as the game begins, you can locate other weapons to replace them right away. These weapons are typically found mounted to wall racks, where you can simply take them out. It will take some time for guns to respawn on racks after being snatched, but you can know how long you have to wait by a blue meter at the top of the rack when you approach it.

Power weapons from Halo Infinite, which are stronger weapons, will spawn at particular locations distributed over the area. You want to try to get these guns as frequently as you can because they are typically marked with yellow indicators that let you know when the next one is due. Make it a priority to control them since a rocket launcher or Gravity Hammer in the right hands at the right time can change the outcome of a match in your favor—or against you.

Vehicles will help you dominate

In many Halo Infinite battles, vehicles are just as crucial to victory as Power weapons are. They give you a tonne of extra mobility and, frequently, firepower; you can utilize the vehicles as weapons or escape a difficult situation, and their mounted guns typically easily dispatch Spartans. Use vehicles to your advantage rather than allowing them to rust on the field or, worse, to be captured by the opposing team.

Any vehicle can help you swiftly travel the battlefield, grab enemy attention, and cause a little mayhem; you can even take them onto launch pads to send them flying, even if you’re not a particularly proficient killer while riding or driving. Your foot soldiers have a greater chance of killing a group of Spartans when they are looking at you if a Warthog, Mongoose, or Ghost is pursuing them. Just watch out not to step on any of your teammates.

Use your radar

Your radar in Halo Infinite is your best tactical tool. You should constantly check this radar while playing, especially on smaller levels. You gain a significant advantage by knowing where close foes are thanks to this radar.

Knowing where your rivals’ attacks are coming from offers you a crucial advantage to fire early and perhaps even catch them off guard. Your radar is a secret weapon that, when used in conjunction with cunning reasoning, will make you a formidable opponent.

Try out different weapons

There are far too many different types of weaponry to cover them all in this tutorial. All you need to know to get started is that, aside from long-range shots, your assault rifle makes a respectable weapon in most circumstances. In a pinch, your sidearm might be a better option, but you shouldn’t use it to snipe. There are far superior weapons lying about the map that you can pick up.

Human weapons often have rather simple design principles, much like how most sniper rifles operate. On the other hand, alien weaponry will function like special weapons and have its peculiarities. Take your time learning how to use each pistol because some have a steeper learning curve than others. There are lots of weapons to choose from if there are any you dislike; don’t feel bad about it.

Bottom line

We hope the aforementioned advice and strategies help you triumph in Halo Infinite’s multiplayer modes. What advice from this list is it that you use the most? Share your thoughts in the comments area.