Tips and tricks- god of war

I assume we’re all participating? the infamous PC game god of War. It’s always helpful to have a few pointers so that you can properly play like the god of war, regardless of whether you’ve already played it on the PlayStation 4 and dealt with the struggle of using the controller to aim the Leviathan axe or this is your first time playing it. Along with the blunders, I saw my wife making while playing, these are the tips that took me the longest to understand.

Spend Time Investigating Optional Areas

As previously mentioned, the latest god of War has a much more open structure. The game is initially linear, but as you get to the Lake of Nine, you can explore further places and look for extra resources. The story can be continued at any time, but you should try to take some time to explore because doing so will provide you access to more Hacksilver, materials for crafting, and gear.

Even secondary quests with their special narratives and gaming prizes are available. Along the journey, you can fight in optional encounters to gain experience points (XP), which will let you unlock new skills on the skill tree. Even while god of War’s core narrative is amazing, don’t discount its supporting material. Every world contains a hidden cache of items and secrets that are well worth unearthing.

Remember to make quick turns

When besieged by a bunch of adversaries in combat, you’ll frequently be forced to retreat due to the god of Wars over-the-shoulder camera. There are moments when you’ll be fighting in places where there isn’t much room for manoeuvring, even if you can usually roll out of sticky situations. Fortunately, there is a rapid turn feature that can be used by depressing the directional pad. This rapid movement can be a little unsettling, but it can save your life if an attacker is ready to attack you from behind. Just be careful not to press it too hard or you can accidentally quick-turn twice, returning you to your starting position and leaving you wide open to a direct attack.

You can choose from different configurations if the quick turn button that comes with the device doesn’t suit your tastes. Simply open the options menu, go to the settings area under gameplay, and select the configuration that best suits you.

Remap your controls (Steam port)

god of War is beautifully designed; there are many activities to do, yet they are all clear to understand and fit well on the PlayStation controller. It’s a different story with the Steam port.

Don’t misunderstand me; I’m not arguing that the game is difficult to play. The fundamental issue, though, is that the controls were never intended to be used with a mouse and keyboard. No button on the PlayStation feels out of place, and the controls are designed to make sense. However, there aren’t enough buttons on Steam to make it seem cozy. Therefore, don’t be hesitant to explore the settings menu and fiddle around with the mappings until you discover something that works for you.

Don’t neglect using Atreus’ arrows

Everybody has been in a situation where they see arrows and immediately dismiss them as useless small objects with an iron tips. However, they do. A lot.

Atreus’ arrows are an excellent weapon to utilize in battle, so make sure to employ them whenever possible. They not only add to the damage Kratos’ ferocious blows and Atreus’ piercing arrows provide to your foes, but they may also make sure that every time they attempt an execution, your foes’ STUN gauge fills up.

Learn what Kratos’ stats do in god of War

Kratos’ skills are governed by a variety of distinct statistics in god of War. Strength and Defense, which control how much physical harm you can deal with and take, are some that are simple to comprehend. The remainder can be a little complex, but in general, increasing Runic and Cooldown, which has an impact on both the damage magic deals and how quickly you can use it, will allow you to utilize more magic. Vitality raises your health and lessens the impact of enemy strikes that stun you.

While Luck boosts your XP and Hacksilver gains as well as the likelihood that a perk will activate. Every time you upgrade, be sure to look at the stats to see if they’re acting the way you want them to, and Kratos will take care of the rest.

Bottom line

This concludes the god of War tips and tricks section. Keep an eye out for the following section, where we discuss other survival strategies that could be very helpful for the harder difficulties or for that one run on the “Give me god of War” difficulty. And until then, keep being wonderful!